For regular customers offers a program “800 airlines bonus cards in one”. Purchasing any tickets on you collect points which you can use to pay for air tickets in part as well as for presents and bonuses

Our bonus program has been changed

Our bonus program was changed on September 10, 2013: upgrade thresholds have become lower, 1 point has become equal 1 ruble, and bonuses have started to be given for hotel bookings as well. You would receive bonuses according to the new rules only for the tickets that you would buy and for the hotels that you’d book starting from this very day.
Why is it profitable to be a program participant?

The same bonus account for 800 airlines
The program involves all the airlines presented on The choice is unlimited and you collect points on the same account.
You gain points even staying at home
Purchasing tickets for your friends, colleagues or relatives, you collect points for yourself.
Bonuses from airlines + bonuses from
Buying tickets on you can use the airlines bonus cards you already have and at the same time you also gain points from Besides, you gain bonuses for absolutely all air tickets even if they were bought at airline special fares.
You choose yourself when and how to spend points
Even if you fly rarely, you can always choose a suitable for you present or bonus.

How are bonus points counted? gives 5 gift points to each new bonus program participant. Then bonus points are gained automatically after each air ticket purchase by those users who have come to directly.

You can always see the number of points gained in your personal account.

If you have not used services within a year and a half, then the gained points are nullified.

At what rate are bonus points collected?

There are 3 levels in the program. The higher the level is, the more points you gain purchasing air tickets. Accordingly, the rate at which the points are collected increases as you go to every next level – at the second level points are collected twice faster.
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Man of world
 Principle of bonus accumilation0,25% of air ticket cost in USD (but not more than 2,75 points for a ticket)0,5% of air ticket cost in USD (but not more than 5,5 points for a ticket)1% of air ticket cost in USD (but not more than 11 points for a ticket) 
 The number of points to go to the next level4503450
 Approximate number of tickets bought to go to the next level*Approximate number of tickets bought to go to the next level*833
 What you get:You go to the level TravelerDiscounts up to 210$Maximum discount size and number of free tickets depend only on you 
How can you use the points gained?

At the second level you have already collected 200 points. You can gain 10 more points and go to the third system level. Or you can use the points to buy a certificate at the value of 3600 RUR (120 points) and at the same time the rest points will remain on your account. You can either use the certificate or give it to your friend. You can make a purchase using the certificate within 3 days.

The first level only makes it possible to collect points to go to the next level. At the second and third levels you can use the gained points to pay for air tickets in part or for gifts.

To do this, you need to specify the number of points you want to use in your personal account. A certificate to get a bonus is generated automatically, for example, a certificate with a special code for partial ticket payment. You can use the given certificate yourself as well as give it to a friend. The certificate can be used within 3 days.