Frequently asked questions
How can I pay for air tickets on Anywayanyday?

The fastest way is to use your plastic card. Payment of services with card authorization via Internet is effected via authentication server using bank credit cards of the following payment systems:
• VISA (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum) and
• MasterCard (MasterCard Mass, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum).
To effect a payment, you’ll need to provide the data of your plastic card. The data is transmitted with all the security requirements being observed. Your data will become available only to an authentication server via secure transmission channel (protocol SSL 3.0). The transmitted information is encrypted and saved on special-purpose server of the payment system.

Also, in the territory of Ukraine you can pay the ticket through the PrivatBank or IBox terminal, following it's instructions.

Having an e-ticket, what do I need to check in at the airport?
In any case adults need passports and children must have their birth-certificates for check-in at the airport. Passenger itinerary receipt is convenient as it contains all flight information; it’s recommended to have it at the airport, but it’s not necessary to have it during the registration.
When you travel abroad, passenger itinerary receipt can be necessary during the passport control as a proof, that you have a return ticket or travel further. Passenger itinerary receipt can be necessary at some Russian airports to be presented to air security services before getting into the airport. That’s why it’s better to print it out and keep it with you.
How can I report for a business trip?
According to the letter of Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation documents to report for a business trip are the following: passenger itinerary receipt of an e-ticket and originals of boarding passes.
Duplicates of boarding passes are not issued; keep the boarding passes received while getting onboard! You may also need a bank statement, proving that the payment for an air ticket have been made from your plastic card.
How is purchase of an e-ticket confirmed?
When a passenger travels using an e-ticket, he gets an itinerary receipt and a fiscal check, issued by check-out equipment when the order is paid in cash or by a plastic card. Passenger itinerary receipt contains full information about the route, form, details of payment, conditions of transportation and etc. similar to a paper ticket. It’s recommended to keep passenger itinerary receipt during the whole trip. Moreover, a passenger itinerary receipt can become necessary to be presented to air security service before entering airport or during passport control or customs inspection to prove that you either have a return ticket or go on travelling.
How often is the flight information changed on the site?
Anywayanyday is an online booking system. When you search for a ticket, information about tariffs, flight schedule and availability of places is taken directly from airlines’ booking systems. Thus, making your search, you get the information up-to-date at the moment of your request, whenever it’s made.
What is an e-ticket? What are the advantages of it?
An e-ticket is a modern technology of buying a plane ticket; it is a paperless electronic form of a standard ticket.
For the first time the technology of electronic management of documents was used in 1996 in the USA and widely spread in most countries of the world. Nowadays it is the most popular and convenient form of buying a ticket in Europe and America.
E-tickets have become mandatory for IATA members since 2008. An e-ticket and baggage receipt are electronic forms of an air ticket, offered instead of a traditional paper ticket. It is safely stored in a special database of airline in e-form.
A passenger receives itinerary receipt, which contains information about the passenger, the route, the tariff, payment, sale office and etc. Process of flight reservation doesn’t depend on form and is standard.
An e-ticket is storied in electronic form, that’s why, a passenger:
• can’t forget or lose it. It can’t be stolen;
• can buy an e-ticket for his relatives or friends, being in other cities. The only thing they need is to go through check-in at the airport of departure and show their ID;
• doesn’t need to use courier service and you don’t need to be in a definite place and wait for the delivery.
I haven’t received my order confirmation. What shall I do?
If you haven’t received an e-mail message on order confirmation within 2 hours, your mail box may be full or your mail filter fails to let messages sent by anywayanyday in.
You can, however, trace your order status at "My anyway"on, where all history of your orders is storied. On making the first order on anywayanyday you get access to "My Anyway". From "My Anyway" you can print out all the necessary information and contact our client service.
How do I know my reservation has been confirmed?

Upon completion of your reservation, you will see the confirmation page with your reservation number and your PIN-code. Your reservation has been confirmed. Furthermore, you will get a voucher by e-mail. The voucher should be printed and shown at the hotel.

Can I set out on a journey with the electronic air ticket and the accommodation voucher bought through anywayanyday?

You may need a valid visa for the trip. Please note that anywayanyday renders no services concerning issuance of visas or other documents. You are required to settle these matters yourself.

Is any extra fee collected for making a reservation at website?

Anywayanyday doesn’t charge a reservation fee. The hotel rates offered at the website cannot be higher than the rates quoted directly by the hotels.

How can I search for a hotel on the website?

To search for a hotel on the website you need to go to the tab Hotels. On the search page in the field “Location” you should put in the city name where you are looking for a hotel and specify period of stay. Then launch the search.

How can I choose a hotel?

When the search is over, you will see the page of offers containing the list of hotels sorted out according to accommodation rate, hotel offers sorted out in accordance with the price and classified according to accommodation type (the number of guests in the room).

If you know the name of the hotel, type it in into the search field in the upper right corner of the page. In the hotel list you will see the offers corresponding to the entered symbol combination.

The offers may be filtered according to the following parameters:

  • number of stars;
  • remoteness from the center.

To choose the number of stars you need you should click one of the table cells.

To filter the offers according to the remoteness from the centre you need to use the table-filter having it zoomed in preliminary using the corresponding command. In the cells of the opened table there will be a number of hotels and minimal rate of the groups of offers for each combination “number of stars” - “remoteness”. Clicking the cell you can remove/add hotels corresponding to the given criteria. In the left upper cell of the table you can set a starting point. After that the hotels will be regrouped in the table according to the starting point.

The hotel information is available under the hotel list. To see the services offered by the hotel follow the link “More”.

How can I select a room?

There is a list of hotel offers provided below the hotel information. The offers are divided into two groups: with instant confirmation and with 24h-confirmation (see sections 6-7).

You can get detailed information about the offer following the link “More” which is under the room type name:

  • room image;
  • room description;
  • services provided in the room;
  • meals;
  • taxes and fees;
  • booking and payment information;
  • fines

Please note that reservation and payment type as well as fines can significantly differ for various offers.

How can I book a hotel on the website?

To book a hotel you need to press the button “Select”. You will be on the reservation page. Then you need to:

  • select number of rooms;
  • enter e-mail address where the accomodation voucher will be sent to;
  • mobile phone number;
  • country and city of your permanent residence;
  • guests’ surnames and names;
  • credit card data

Then please carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer agreement after that tick the box “Accept the terms and conditions of the offer agreement and confirm the total amount to be paid”.

Then in the reservation confirmation box you need to check the selected offer and entered data and confirm the order creation.

What guarantee do I receive booking a hotel on your website?

Upon the reservation completion anywayanyday automatically sends a voucher to the e-mail address provided by you. This voucher is the confirmation of the reservation you have made.

Please note that on the reservation page you are offered to tick the box to accept the offer agreement which stipulates all terms and conditions of cooperation with anywayanyday. Making a reservation you automatically accept the terms and conditions of the agreement. You are kindly asked to read the agreement before ticking the special box. Hotel information and regulations are provided by the hotels themselves. Anywayanyday does not guarantee fulfillment of obligations undertaken by the hotels.

What are rooms with instant confirmation?

Rooms with instant confirmation are rooms which are booked instantly at the moment of ordering. In certain cases the total room rate can be written off when the booking is made. Information about the way of mutual settlements is available for each offer.

What are rooms with 24h-confirmation?

Rooms with 24h-confirmation are rooms which reservation is confirmed within 24 hours after the booking (excluding weekends and holidays).

The request on room availability at the specified time is automatically sent to the hotel. The amount equaled to total accommodation cost will be blocked on your credit card till the reservation confirmation from the hotel is received. After the reservation confirmation is received, the blocked amount is written off. In case of reservation refusal the money will be released.

How can I cancel the order?

To cancel the order you need to follow the link specified in your voucher or go to your personal account on using your login (e-mail address) and password which are generated and sent via e-mail when the first booking is made.

How can I change the order?

It is impossible to change the order. You need to cancel an order and then make a new one. You can find directions on order cancellation in section 7.

What are the possible ways to pay for the hotel booking on anywayanyday website?

You can pay for the hotel only by credit card entering data on the ordering page.

What should I have to be checked in?

It is usually enough to provide your ID or passport to be checked in. In certain cases a reservation number or a voucher which is sent to your e-mail address after the booking is made can be required. We recommend you to print out the voucher because it is the booking guarantee.

What is included in the hotel rate?

In some cases the room rate includes meals. You can find this information in the room description (follow the link “More”). It is necessary to discuss the availability of services provided in the hotel description and special requests with the hotel administration directly as soon as the booking is made or upon the arrival (for instance, parking, transfer, etc.).

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