Hotel booking cancellation
Can I cancel or modify my reservation if I booked a “last-minute offer”?

If you change the dates of a “last-minute offer” or a “reservation with non-refundable prepayment”, the hotel shall collect a full stay fee, as these offers are subject to special terms and conditions. Please be careful while making a reservation and review booking regulations in advance.

Where can I find the hotel cancellation policy?

You can find the hotel cancellation policy on the hotel choice page. Besides, reservation and cancellation regulations concerning each room type are displayed in red opposite such room type.

What is the last day for cancellation of a reservation?

You can cancel your previous reservation and make a new one before check-in. Please note that there is special cancellation policy available at the hotel choice page. In case of its violation the hotel reserves a right to debit the cancellation fee from your credit card. The cancellation and modification policy of the hotel is displayed in your confirmation in the voucher. The last time for the reservation cancellation/modification shall mean the hotel’s local time, e.g. the condition under which the reservation is to be cancelled one day before check-in means that you should cancel the reservation not later than 24 hours before check-in to avoid the cancellation fee. Anywayanyday never charges any cancellation/modification fees. All charges are possible only on the part of the hotels.

How can I cancel or modify my reservation?
All modifications of the reservation result in cancellation of the reservation made and require a new booking. Once you have booked a room, you’ll receive an e-mail with cancellation instructions. To cancel the reservation, go to the link specified in the e-mail and enter your PIN-code (also specified therein). You may be charged with a cancellation fee by the hotel subject to its regulations.
How do I know that my reservation has been cancelled?

After your reservation has been cancelled you will receive a confirmation letter by e-mail. If you haven’t got it, please check the “spam” folder. If there is no confirmation letter in any of your mailbox folders, please contact our customer support service, tel. +7 495 363 61 64 or send an e-mail at

How can I cancel the order?

To cancel the order you need to follow the link specified in your voucher or go to your personal account on using your login (e-mail address) and password which are generated and sent via e-mail when the first booking is made.

How can I change the order?

It is impossible to change the order. You need to cancel an order and then make a new one. You can find directions on order cancellation in section 7.

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