Regulations for Baggage Check-in and Carriage. Prohibited and Permitted Items.
How many items may I take on board?
There is such a notion as carry-on baggage. These are the items taken by a passenger on board. An umbrella, an attaché case, some baby food, a laptop computer and some other personal demand items are not considered to be carry-ons and are even not subject to weighing. Other things shall be labeled as “Carry-ons”. As a rule, carry-ons are included into free baggage allowance and shall not exceed 5 kg. Some airlines have exceptions though.
If your baggage contains some valuable items, you can declare your baggage value.
This service shall be charged additionally. However, we don’t recommend you to park jewelry, antiques and other expensive items in your baggage. Anything can happen. And though since your baggage is transferred to a carrier and you receive a baggage tag the responsibility for your baggage safety passes to an airline, your baggage must be carried by the same flight with you and given to you at the destination point. Federal aviation rules also provide procedures of baggage storage and search.
What is Free Baggage Allowance?
All passengers (except children under 2 years old) are allowed to carry 10 kg of personal baggage free of charge in accordance with the regulations. Free baggage allowance of most airlines amounts to 20 kg and up to 30 kg with some airlines.
What shall I do if my baggage is oversized or overweight?
If your baggage weight exceeds the prescribed limit, is oversized (exceeding 203 cm in three dimensions added together), overweight (one baggage item weighing more than 32 kg) or is to be carried in a cabin, excess baggage would be charged subject to airline rates.
Kindly note, that such baggage shall be carried by an airline only if there is available space in the plane. That’s why it is recommended to agree such issues beforehand and reserve baggage and space in the plane.
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