Can I cancel my order after I have bought a ticket? Can I demand for paying back?
Ticket order shall be final after the payment is made.
We cannot cancel a reservation, because tickets are issued automatically immediately after the payment from a credit card is received. If you can’t start your journey for some reasons, you will have to apply for your ticket to be returned through our Client service.
When a paid ticket is cancelled, the amount paid for the ticket shall be returned according to airline regulations and ticket tariffs; fees for a ticket return shall also be collected. The cheapest rates (known as discount rates or tariffs with limitations) are NOT REFUNDED.
Can I change my reservation?
You can apply to change your reservation by sending a message to the Client service department. Airlines charge an extra fee for any changes in most cases. Sometimes, especially when it concerns reduced tariffs or discounts, airlines neither accept any changes nor agree to change reservations at price equal to ticket cost. Our company also charges an extra fee, in addition to the the fee, charged by an airline for changes.
Can I change/substitute the surname in the reservation having been made?
Change of either name or surname in a reservation having been made is inadmissible according to airline rules, because it leads to the loss of all money paid for a ticket, as we have to cancel the order having been made and issue a new ticket. All relevant charges shall be on Buyer’s account. Administrative fees, airline charges and cost of ticket change shall be included into these charges.
How much does it cost to reserve, change or return a ticket?

Anywayanyday is entitled to charge additional fees for services on reservation and issuance of e-tickets, as well as on return and change of a previously issued ticket. Such charges and their amount depend on conditions provided by a carrier.

The order cost includes agency’s fee for services on issuance of a ticket and this fee shall not be refunded in case a ticket is returned.

Agency’s fee for return of a ticket are refunded to a user in case of a compulsory return (flight cancellation confirmed by an airline, passenger’s illness or death). Agency’s fee for return of a ticket depend on cost of a ticket, an exact sum must be specified at an operator of our Client service on the day of return.

How often is the flight information changed on the site?
Anywayanyday is an online booking system. When you search for a ticket, information about tariffs, flight schedule and availability of places is taken directly from airlines’ booking systems. Thus, making your search, you get the information up-to-date at the moment of your request, whenever it’s made.
I haven’t received my order confirmation. What shall I do?
If you haven’t received an e-mail message on order confirmation within 2 hours, your mail box may be full or your mail filter fails to let messages sent by anywayanyday in.
You can, however, trace your order status at "My anyway"on, where all history of your orders is storied. On making the first order on anywayanyday you get access to "My Anyway". From "My Anyway" you can print out all the necessary information and contact our client service.
What shall I do if the flight date and time have been indicated incorrectly?
It’s very important not to make a mistake when you indicate a date and time of the flight, names of passengers and your order type, as tickets are issued automatically. If you indicated wrong data, we advise you to send us a notification about it through our Service department in order, that we could contact an airline and minimize your charges for possible cancellation.
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