Discounts and promo-codes
I want to cancel my preliminary booking. What will happen to discounts I used when making this order?
All discounts will be restored and you'll be able to use them again.
Where can I find out whether or not the discount I have used when making the order I cancelled / returned is restored?
In offer terms for your discount.
How is "flight + hotel" / "hotel + flight" offer discount is restored?
  • In case of preliminary booking and in case of the full return of the order which was paid for — completely.
  • In case of partial return of the order which was paid for the discount is not restored, because it is deemed to have been used for the payment of the order as a whole.
How do I use "flight + hotel" / "hotel + flight" offer discount?
  • If you want to order an airline ticket, you just need to authorize.
  • If you want to book a hotel, enter the same e-mail that you entered when you were paying for the order after which you received this discount.
What is the promo-code?
Promo-code is a special code that gives you a discount when paying for a transaction on
How can I get a promo-code?
Participate in social network contests held by anywayanyday and take part in campaigns run by anywayanyday in collaboration with partners.
How can I get a discount with a promo-code?
Enter your promo-code in the special field on the payment page while making your order on Promo-code can’t be used to pay for previously created bookings. The order price will be automatically re-calculated based on the discount.
Within what time do I have to use my promo-code?
Promo-code validity is stated in the terms and conditions of a given contest / campaign / partner program.
How many times can I use my promo-code?
Only once — to pay for one order on anywayanyday (if not stated otherwise). Please, remember, that one order may comprise up to 6 adult air tickets, up to 4 — for children between 2 to 12, and up to 2 — for babies under 2 years. The aggregate number of passengers in one order must not exceed 9.
The order price is more than the nominal value of promo-code or equals it. What should I do?
If the price of your order equals the nominal value of your promo-code, make an additional payment of several items of the currency that you’ve been paying with. That would be the confirmation of the transaction.
If the price exceeds the value of the code, make the payment in any available way.
Is it possible for the fixed promo-code to exceed the order price? What is the payment procedure in that case?
Yes, it is. If you use your promo-code in such case, the rest of it is cancelled. And you anyway have to pay a token amount of 1 unit of a selected currency.
I fail to use my promo-code. What should I do?
Contact the customer support department of
A message emerged telling that the promo-code had already been used. What happened? What should I do?
If you didn’t enter your promo-code when you were making a reservation on, but you do see the message telling you that the promo-code has already been used, you should contact the customer support department of
How is bonus promo-code restored?
  • In case of preliminary booking cancellation — completely.
  • In case of order that was paid for — completely or partially, as points on your bonus account.
  • Your bonus points can be partially used to compensate for the order return expenses.
When were VIP-cards cancelled? What am I to receive instead of my VIP-card?
We cancelled VIP-cards on December 3, 2013, and promoted you to the highest level in our bonus program —"Man of the World". If we haven't done that, that means that we don't know your e-mail address. In that case please contact our customer support service — and you will become a Man of the World.
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