Having an e-ticket, what do I need to check in at the airport?
In any case adults need passports and children must have their birth-certificates for check-in at the airport. Passenger itinerary receipt is convenient as it contains all flight information; it’s recommended to have it at the airport, but it’s not necessary to have it during the registration.
When you travel abroad, passenger itinerary receipt can be necessary during the passport control as a proof, that you have a return ticket or travel further. Passenger itinerary receipt can be necessary at some Russian airports to be presented to air security services before getting into the airport. That’s why it’s better to print it out and keep it with you.
How can I report for a business trip?
According to the letter of Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation documents to report for a business trip are the following: passenger itinerary receipt of an e-ticket and originals of boarding passes.
Duplicates of boarding passes are not issued; keep the boarding passes received while getting onboard! You may also need a bank statement, proving that the payment for an air ticket have been made from your plastic card.
How is purchase of an e-ticket confirmed?
When a passenger travels using an e-ticket, he gets an itinerary receipt and a fiscal check, issued by check-out equipment when the order is paid in cash or by a plastic card. Passenger itinerary receipt contains full information about the route, form, details of payment, conditions of transportation and etc. similar to a paper ticket. It’s recommended to keep passenger itinerary receipt during the whole trip. Moreover, a passenger itinerary receipt can become necessary to be presented to air security service before entering airport or during passport control or customs inspection to prove that you either have a return ticket or go on travelling.
What does an e-ticket certify?
An e-ticket and an itinerary receipt (e-ticket) are documents used to certify passenger’s carriage contract and his baggage during the flight.
What is an e-ticket? What are the advantages of it?
An e-ticket is a modern technology of buying a plane ticket; it is a paperless electronic form of a standard ticket.
For the first time the technology of electronic management of documents was used in 1996 in the USA and widely spread in most countries of the world. Nowadays it is the most popular and convenient form of buying a ticket in Europe and America.
E-tickets have become mandatory for IATA members since 2008. An e-ticket and baggage receipt are electronic forms of an air ticket, offered instead of a traditional paper ticket. It is safely stored in a special database of airline in e-form.
A passenger receives itinerary receipt, which contains information about the passenger, the route, the tariff, payment, sale office and etc. Process of flight reservation doesn’t depend on form and is standard.
An e-ticket is storied in electronic form, that’s why, a passenger:
• can’t forget or lose it. It can’t be stolen;
• can buy an e-ticket for his relatives or friends, being in other cities. The only thing they need is to go through check-in at the airport of departure and show their ID;
• doesn’t need to use courier service and you don’t need to be in a definite place and wait for the delivery.
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