How can I pay for air tickets on Anywayanyday?

The fastest way is to use your plastic card. Payment of services with card authorization via Internet is effected via authentication server using bank credit cards of the following payment systems:
• VISA (Visa Classic, Visa Gold, Visa Platinum) and
• MasterCard (MasterCard Mass, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Platinum).
To effect a payment, you’ll need to provide the data of your plastic card. The data is transmitted with all the security requirements being observed. Your data will become available only to an authentication server via secure transmission channel (protocol SSL 3.0). The transmitted information is encrypted and saved on special-purpose server of the payment system.

Also, in the territory of Ukraine you can pay the ticket through the PrivatBank or IBox terminal, following it's instructions.

I have a mobile bank service. Why did I receive two messages that the money had been withdrawn from my account?
There are two stages of money withdrawal from the user’s account:
• On reservation of a ticket, the total amount is blocked on the user’s account to confirm credibility of the card holder.
• Then on issuing of an e-ticket the previously blocked amount is withdrawn from the account.
Previously blocked money shall be unblocked if it becomes impossible to issue an e-ticket for chosen flights. In case a ticket is returned, if subject to tariff regulations, the amount minus airline penalties (if subject to tariff regulation), cost of ticket issuance and return shall be refunded on the card, used to pay for the order.
How to pay for the order through Paypal?
Very simple.
1. Get an account at Paypal and attach a Visa, Master Card or Maestro card to it.
2. Make an order at and select Paypal when choosing a way of payment.
3. Then press the Pay with Paypal button. For this you are going to be directed to for authorisation.
4. Log in at the Paypal site and confirm the payment.
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