Is it possible to order food before the flight?
Passengers can order food before the flight. You can order so called special food, this service is absolutely free, but not guaranteed. Standard set of rations for special food includes vegetarian, kosher, dietetic, diabetic, low-cal, seafood; you can also order medicinal nutrition (there is large stock of rations, including gluten-free dishes or dishes with low content of urea). Baby ration is included into standard menu on international flights, but you should order it on domestic flights. Special menu order shall be made not later than a day before the flight.
What are classes of service?
Most airlines have three classes of service – “first”, “business” and “economy”.
These classes differ from each other by the level of service provided both at the airport and on board. Passengers having economy class tickets (full or special tariff) are offered food on board, including soft drinks, juices, wine or beer depending on route, departure time and flight duration. Newspapers, magazines and other printings are offered during the rest; a wide range of duty free goods is also offered.
Higher level of service is available for business class passengers. There are individual check-in counters with no queues at airport. Business-rooms to relax before the flight may also be made available. Business class passengers travel in a business class cabin on board; more comfortable seats and media will allow you to rest during long journeys without interrupting your business communication. Various menu and beverages will make even a long flight easy and nice.
Level of service for first class passengers is higher. More attention is paid to passengers, the menu is more diverse and beverages are more exquisite. Apart from this, first (sometimes business) class passengers are invited to a preflight relaxation room with free strong and soft drinks and snacks available. One can use services of a business center there: photocopy a document, make a call, send a message via e-mail. Baby travel set is provided on all flights for kids (children under 2 years old); this set includes articles of daily necessity, health and other aids, required for a baby during the journey.
What entertainment is available on board?
Airlines provide large spectrum of entertainments to make your flight pleasant. There is wide range of movies, TV programs and lots of audio channels with big choice of music. Such communications media as access to web services and news channels are available. You can also play computer games and work in some office programs during the flight made by some airlines. On many distant flights passengers have an opportunity to learn foreign languages using in-built multimedia.
What are the specific features of “economy premium” / “economy plus” class?

Basically, it is an intermediate link between economy class and business class. You pay a little more than for an economy class seat (on average by 20-30%) and in return you get additional amenities and services. The specific set of these amenities and services depends on a given airline. But most of the time it concerns the following parameters:

  • The inclination angle of seats is enhanced, seats are set wider apart from each other and they are situated in the front part of economy class cabin;
  • The additional selection of free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and food;
  • Raised baggage allowance: for instance, “Transaero” allows its economy premium class passengers to carry 35 kg for free and on transatlantic flights — 2 baggage pieces 32 kg each.

Apart from that — different airlines help in different ways their passengers to have a time of higher quality while waiting for a flight and during the flight itself. For instance, customers of some companies who pay for economy premium class can wait for the flight in the business lounge of the airport (“Transaero”), get on board together with business class passengers (SAS) or be the first ones to get on board of the aircraft (“Delta”).

Seats in aircrafts of the American airline “Delta” are equipped with power sockets and USB-ports, “El Al” provides its economy premium passengers with personal iPads for the duration of the flight, and “Transaero” customers are given portable multimedia players.

Besides, some companies, for instance, “Aeroflot” provide their economy premium customers with the possibility to change flight terms for free and to return tickets with no regard to the amount of hours left before the flight in question.

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