Travelling with Children
What Should One Know Travelling with Children
Are there any discounts for transportation of children?
Each airline has special tariffs for children. For example, on Aeroflot flights a child under two years old has a right on a ticket with 90% off from the cost of an “adult” economy class ticket. But in this case a child doesn’t have a separate free luggage allowance. A child 2 through 12 years old can receive a 50% discount for a ticket from the cost of an “adult” economy class ticket. But these tariffs are available only for children travelling with parents. If a child under nine years old is flying unaccompanied, he has to be bought a ticket as per adult tariff without any discounts, because a child “travelling alone” is considered to be a problem passenger, requiring additional care and constant control of flight attendants. Children over nine years old are rather independent according to Aeroflot’s opinion; they don’t need nurses and can fly with 50% discounts. But KLM airline gives children 33% off for an a economy class ticket and 50% off for a business class ticket, no matter if a child flies alone or with his parents.
How do airline personnel treat a child?
During the check in a person accompanying a child to the airport must remain with the child till he is taken by an airline employee together the application form containing the information about the young passenger and a person designated to meet the child.
An airline representative together with the child goes through check in , passport control and helps a child to take his seat on board.
A stewardess responsible for child has to keep an eye on him onboard. She accompanies a child to a restroom, feeds him, gives him an “air sick bag” and a blanket and reads him fairy tales.
On arrival a child is given by a stewardess to an airline representative, who accompanies a child until he is taken by people meeting the child. A person meeting the child has to show his ID, otherwise the child will not be given to him.
If no one meets a child at the airport, an airline will contact his parents and find out where they should deliver a small passenger, even if the house, the kid is to be delivered to, is 100 km away from the airport.
What if I travel with an infant?
Unaccompanied infants are not allowed on board: there’s no one to feed them. Each airline has a special cradle, dummies and many diapers for little passengers. But to get all this, you should inform airline personnel not only during your ticket reservation, but also during the flight check-in. Otherwise a cradle will be reserved, but your place will be inconvenient to hang it.
How do airlines treat children travelling alone?
Both Russian and foreign airlines have strict age limits for children travelling alone. For example, Aeroflot doesn’t accept on board children under two years old traveling alone, and Dutch KLM doesn’t allow on board children under five years old traveling alone.
But the Dutch airline has developed a special “Junior Jet” program for children older than five years old: a child becomes a special passenger and is specially cared by KLM personnel from check-in till arrival at the final destination point.
Children traveling alone have a special “Junior Jet” badge. There are bright stickers on their baggage, and they are given lots of presents and full attention during the flight. That’s why reserving a ticket for international flights, parents should realize whether their underage child is ready for traveling alone by plane or not.
What should be done if my child flies unaccompanied?
Making a reservation, parents must inform airline employees that their child will travel alone.
You will also have to fill in an application form giving all the information about your child: full name, country of birth, language spoken, date of departure, flight number and the route. Besides, you’ll need to provide your home address and the phone number of a person, who will meet your child. Parents have to fill in such an application form only in case their child is under 13. If a child is a teen-ager, you can do without the application form. But making a reservation you should inform that your child is going to travel alone for the crew to be more attentive.
Please note that according to Russian law “On Entry into and Exit from Russia” children under 18 (traveling without adults) must have a notarized permission provided by a child’s parents. The permission must not only state that the child is permitted to travel alone, but indicate the country of destination and duration of a trip. Otherwise the ticket won’t be reserved; your child will not be allowed onboard to travel abroad.
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