Hotel reservation
How do I know my reservation has been confirmed?

Upon completion of your reservation, you will see the confirmation page with your reservation number and your PIN-code. Your reservation has been confirmed. Furthermore, you will get a voucher by e-mail. The voucher should be printed and shown at the hotel.

Can I cancel the reservation once it is completed?

Yes, you can. After completion of your reservation, you will receive an e-mail. The e-mail will contain your reservation confirmation and the information required to cancel your reservation. If you decide to cancel your reservation, go to the link specified in the e-mail and enter your reservation number and your PIN-code, received by e-mail, into the system. Please be aware: You may be charged with a cancellation fee by the hotel in accordance with its regulations.

What guarantee do I have booking a hotel on anywayanyday?
On the reservation page you are offered to tick in the box to confirm your acceptance of the offer agreement containing all terms and conditions in respect of cooperation with anywayanyday. Please note that by making a reservation you are deemed to accept the provisions of the agreement. You are kindly requested to read the agreement before ticking in the special box. Hotels information and regulations are provided directly by the hotels. Anywayanyday shall not guarantee fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the hotels.
Is any extra fee collected for making a reservation through website?

Anywayanyday doesn’t charge any reservation fee. The hotel rates offered at our website cannot be higher than the rates quoted directly by the hotels.

How many rooms can I book through

Information concerning the number of rooms available for booking is displayed each time on the hotel choice page opposite each room type. You can normally book 5 rooms at once. If you need to book more than 5 rooms of the same type you can make several reservations through our website.

I’ve made a room reservation at the hotel, but I haven’t received any confirmation by e-mail. What should I do?
Please check “inbox” and “spam” folders of the e-mail box specified by you while making the reservation. Shall you need any further assistance please contact us at
Can I make a reservation for tonight?

Yes, you can. You are advised to be particularly careful while entering your personal details.

How can I book a hotel on the website?

To book a hotel you need to press the button “Select”. You will be on the reservation page. Then you need to:

  • select number of rooms;
  • enter e-mail address where the accomodation voucher will be sent to;
  • mobile phone number;
  • country and city of your permanent residence;
  • guests’ surnames and names;
  • credit card data

Then please carefully read the terms and conditions of the offer agreement after that tick the box “Accept the terms and conditions of the offer agreement and confirm the total amount to be paid”.

Then in the reservation confirmation box you need to check the selected offer and entered data and confirm the order creation.

What guarantee do I receive booking a hotel on your website?

Upon the reservation completion anywayanyday automatically sends a voucher to the e-mail address provided by you. This voucher is the confirmation of the reservation you have made.

Please note that on the reservation page you are offered to tick the box to accept the offer agreement which stipulates all terms and conditions of cooperation with anywayanyday. Making a reservation you automatically accept the terms and conditions of the agreement. You are kindly asked to read the agreement before ticking the special box. Hotel information and regulations are provided by the hotels themselves. Anywayanyday does not guarantee fulfillment of obligations undertaken by the hotels.

What are rooms with instant confirmation?

Rooms with instant confirmation are rooms which are booked instantly at the moment of ordering. In certain cases the total room rate can be written off when the booking is made. Information about the way of mutual settlements is available for each offer.

What are rooms with 24h-confirmation?

Rooms with 24h-confirmation are rooms which reservation is confirmed within 24 hours after the booking (excluding weekends and holidays).

The request on room availability at the specified time is automatically sent to the hotel. The amount equaled to total accommodation cost will be blocked on your credit card till the reservation confirmation from the hotel is received. After the reservation confirmation is received, the blocked amount is written off. In case of reservation refusal the money will be released.

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