Payment for hotel booking
Is any extra fee collected for making a reservation at website?

Anywayanyday doesn’t charge a reservation fee. The hotel rates offered at the website cannot be higher than the rates quoted directly by the hotels.

Shall the amount be debited from my credit card immediately?

It depends upon the hotel’s regulations. There are three possible variants:

1)     Credit card details are requested for booking only to secure payment of a no-show fee. The amount is neither blocked nor debited before check-in. After check-in you can pay for the accommodation by your card, the details of which were provided while booking, or by any other card approved by the hotel (approved types of bank cards are specified on the hotel choice page), or  in  cash.

2)     The hotel blocks the amount to be paid for one night and/or full stay. The amount can be debited from the card or unblocked upon check-in in case you prefer another means of payment. If the person fails to check in, the hotel can debit a no-show fee subject to its regulations.

3)     The amount is debited immediately and in full. It happens if you book a “last-minute offer” room or a “non-refundable prepayment reservation”.

Information concerning the variant applicable in your case is available on the hotel choice page prior to booking.


Is the room rate displayed at the website display per person or per room?

All rates quoted at are per room for a full stay.

I have no credit card. Can I pay cash at your office?

No. Anywayanyday offers only electronic booking. Therefore, the payment can be made ONLY by credit card.

What is included into the rate displayed at your website?

Services included or not included into the rate are listed under the room type. Availability of any extra or non-included services (e.g. parking, transfer, etc.) can be discussed directly with the hotel’s administration upon completion of your booking.

What credit cards can I use to reserve a hotel at the website?

Information about credit cards approved for payment by the hotel is available in the description of each hotel at the website.

I have no credit card. Can I pay cash at your office?

No. Anywayanyday offers only electronic booking. Therefore, the payment can be made ONLY by credit card.

Why does the system request my credit card details?

The hotel requests a valid credit card to secure the reservation in case of late cancellation or non-arrival. The hotel can block the amount to be paid (for one night and/or full stay). It is done to prevent losses the hotel may incur in case of customer’s non-arrival or late cancellation ofthe reservation.

What are the possible ways to pay for the hotel booking on anywayanyday website?

You can pay for the hotel only by credit card entering data on the ordering page.

What should I have to be checked in?

It is usually enough to provide your ID or passport to be checked in. In certain cases a reservation number or a voucher which is sent to your e-mail address after the booking is made can be required. We recommend you to print out the voucher because it is the booking guarantee.

What is included in the hotel rate?

In some cases the room rate includes meals. You can find this information in the room description (follow the link “More”). It is necessary to discuss the availability of services provided in the hotel description and special requests with the hotel administration directly as soon as the booking is made or upon the arrival (for instance, parking, transfer, etc.).

How to pay for the order through Paypal?
Very simple.
1. Get an account at Paypal and attach a Visa, Master Card or Maestro card to it.
2. Make an order at and select Paypal when choosing a way of payment.
3. Then press the Pay with Paypal button. For this you are going to be directed to for authorisation.
4. Log in at the Paypal site and confirm the payment.
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