Hotels and rooms
How do I search for a hotel on the website?

Choose a location on the map, zooming in or out the fragment required or type a city in the “location” field. You will get a number of offers.

If you look for a definite hotel, type in its name into the “hotel” field on the next page. If not, keep searching in accordance with several various parameters. You can mark definite services displayed at the top of the field (restaurant, parking, conference hall, gym, bank, internet), and the system will choose the hotels providing the services marked. Moreover, you can sort out the offers by hotel category or proximity to the city center. The location of any hotel chosen is displayed on the map and is marked in orange. Other hotels located nearby are marked in blue. Move the pointer to the icon to get the name and the rate of the hotel. 

Can I set out on a journey with the electronic air ticket and the accommodation voucher bought through anywayanyday?

You may need a valid visa for the trip. Please note that anywayanyday renders no services concerning issuance of visas or other documents. You are required to settle these matters yourself.

We are travelling with children. Can we book a smaller room with extra beds?

You are advised to book a room suitable to accommodate all guests arriving. If you travel with small children (under 4 years old), you can check the hotel’s regulations on children accommodation and extra beds available at the hotel page. If the hotel provides extra beds, contact the hotel and apply for extra beds after completion of your reservation. No extra fee will be included into the total cost of the room reserved. Please note that anywayanyday shall not guarantee fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the hotels. 

What is the difference between a double room and a twin room?

There is one king-size bed in a double room, and two single beds in a twin room. Both rooms can accommodate 2 persons.

If the room is reserved for several persons, who should be specified as a guest?

In this case you need to specify only one person to be held responsible for the room.

Can I check in earlier or later than check-in time subject to the reservation regulations?

In this case you should inform the hotel of your plans and make sure that early check-in is possible. Please note: To keep your reservation valid, you should inform the hotel of your late check-in.

Where can I find the hotel contact information?

All contact details are specified in the confirmation of your reservation sent to you automatically by e-mail. The address of the hotel is always available at the initial stage of the search. It is specified in the description of a hotel and is displayed on the map when moving the pointer to a hotel icon.

How can I search for a hotel on the website?

To search for a hotel on the website you need to go to the tab Hotels. On the search page in the field “Location” you should put in the city name where you are looking for a hotel and specify period of stay. Then launch the search.

How can I choose a hotel?

When the search is over, you will see the page of offers containing the list of hotels sorted out according to accommodation rate, hotel offers sorted out in accordance with the price and classified according to accommodation type (the number of guests in the room).

If you know the name of the hotel, type it in into the search field in the upper right corner of the page. In the hotel list you will see the offers corresponding to the entered symbol combination.

The offers may be filtered according to the following parameters:

  • number of stars;
  • remoteness from the center.

To choose the number of stars you need you should click one of the table cells.

To filter the offers according to the remoteness from the centre you need to use the table-filter having it zoomed in preliminary using the corresponding command. In the cells of the opened table there will be a number of hotels and minimal rate of the groups of offers for each combination “number of stars” - “remoteness”. Clicking the cell you can remove/add hotels corresponding to the given criteria. In the left upper cell of the table you can set a starting point. After that the hotels will be regrouped in the table according to the starting point.

The hotel information is available under the hotel list. To see the services offered by the hotel follow the link “More”.

How can I select a room?

There is a list of hotel offers provided below the hotel information. The offers are divided into two groups: with instant confirmation and with 24h-confirmation (see sections 6-7).

You can get detailed information about the offer following the link “More” which is under the room type name:

  • room image;
  • room description;
  • services provided in the room;
  • meals;
  • taxes and fees;
  • booking and payment information;
  • fines

Please note that reservation and payment type as well as fines can significantly differ for various offers.

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